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  • Who should I call if I have a question?
    Please use our email address for any questions you have: Please include your full name and address in your email. One of our officers will provide you with the appropriate information at their earliest convenience.
  • When are association meetings held?
    We have scheduled annual meetings in the Fall. The meeting agenda will be emailed to you prior to the meeting. We hope we can get to know you at our next meeting.
  • Where can I get a copy of the bylaws?
    Download a copy of the bylaws from the Documents: We can also provide a hard copy to you.
  • When is trash and recycling collected?
    Garbage collection day is every Monday. Please have your trash and recycling next to your driveway by 6:30 AM. If you do not have a recycling bin or a refuse container with a locking lid, please contact us at our email address. Please be advised to securely lock down the lids especially on windy days. Empty trash and recycling bins can easily blow away. Please mark the lids and the bins with your address.
  • What can I recycle?
    You can recycle paper, cardboard and plastic containers. Not recyclable: Glass Real Christmas trees
  • Are pets welcome?
    Our Board approves a 40-pound weight limit for each of 2 pets per unit. For example, a dog and a cat; 2 dogs; or 2 cats. Dog owners are expected to be responsible for keeping their pets on a leash while outside as well as being responsible for picking up after them.
  • Will snow be removed from my driveway early in the workday so I can get to work?
    Briargate snow removal is a priority for the teams that clear our sidewalks, driveways, and streets. The time of the snowfall as well as its severity are factors as to when snow removal can begin. We can all help the snow removal team by parking our vehicles inside our garages and out of their way.
  • I am renting a Briargate condo. What do you need from me?
    A copy of your lease is required. You will be considered another resident of Briargate and will be expected to live in our community according to our bylaws, which you can download here. The property owner should always be included in all communication with our association board.
  • What are the parking arrangements?
    Our units are intended for two adults and their children. It is intended residents use their garage area for parking. If you have more vehicles than will fit in your garage, you should consider alternative parking in a rental area. Street parking is available for guests. However, street parking is prohibited during snow removal.
  • My lender needs a copy of the master insurance policy for the Homeowners Association. Where can I get one?
    State Farm Insurance is our insurance company. They are located at 360 Miller Rd in Hiawatha. Our contact person is Mitch Valentine, 319-395-0035. The agency will be able to provide your lender with the appropriate information.
  • How can I expect to receive communications from the association officers?
    Email, the US Mail, or a personal visit.
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