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Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken on June 3rd and June 6th, 2023.  Special thanks to Jim and Lisa, Melanie and Ned, Sue W and Deb for starting an impromptu beautification project to clean up and improve the look of the entrance to Briargate Second Owners Association.  That day was phase 1.  The next phase of the project occurred the following Tuesday when Deb Krebill volunteered to trim and weed the evergreens on the north side of 29th Street.  What a difference!!  The next phase will be the addition of plants and flowers residents are willing to donate.  More to come!  Anyone interested in gardening and landscaping is welcome.  Please contact us at

Leaf Pattern Design

Phase 1 & Phase 2

A dead Blue Spruce behind the Briargate sign needed to come down. Volunteers jumped in to remove the dead tree, clean up the area, and start trimming more trees.  A few days later, Deb finished trimming all the trees along 29th Street.  It not only made the trees beautiful again, but also improved visibility at the intersection.

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