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Briargate Second Owners Association in Marion, Iowa, welcomes you. Find bylaws, minutes and more info here.

In the Know

Fastening anything to the exterior must be approved by the board, e.g. satellite dishes, security cameras, flag pole holders, and decorative fasteners​.

Important:  Satellite dishes mounted on the roof will be removed and will not be reattached to your new roof.  If you have a satellite provider, it will be necessary to call them to move the dish to a rocked area around your unit or attach it to your deck for the best reception.  If that is the case, neither the roofer nor the Association will be able to cover the cost.  The association will no longer approve roof-mounted satellite dishes.  

What the Board Considers for Approval of Exterior Additions:

  • Timely payments of monthly dues and assessments

  • Complete compliance with requested forms (e.g. signed Unit Communication Form and signed Member Responsibilities Form

  • Colors and materials to match original building specs

  • Work is to be performed by professional contractors in a timely manner

  • Added deck stairs will require concrete slab 36 inches past lower step

  • Additional flower beds no more than 24 inches from the deck edge, 36 inches from the building

  • Landscaping to have swooping turns for easy mowing and finished with heavy duty black edging

  • Plans to add rock and edging along driveways, sidewalks, and around trees will be declined due to complications with snow removal

Looking Forward

Rake and Wheelbarrow

Scheduled maintenance:

  • Concrete repairs

  • Beautification Project - Voluntary

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